Don’t get cold feet with QuickHeat

QuickHeat is the smart and easy way to enjoy underfloor heating. Nothing to cast in concrete, minimum bother – you can even forget about the electrician. Just roll out the foils and click them together. Install the thermostat on the wall and plug in. It really is that simple.

In addition to warmth, QuickHeat also provides walking comfort. By supplementing your primary heating system with QuickHeat, you can also usually lower the temperature 2 – 3 degrees compared to using radiators. The timer included with the system can be set for 5 + 2 days.

1. Quick, comfortable warmth

The QuickHeat system consists of several layers: a heating foil producing the heat, XPS plates to help radiating the heat upwards and two dampproof separation layers that help blocking any damp that would rise from the subfloor.

2. Built-in safety feature

QuickHeat has a built-in electrical safety feature (RCD residual current device) that automatically disconnects power if a failure should occur. Naturally, the system is certified for do-it-yourself installation and fulfils international standards for removable floors.

3. Wireless thermostat in every room

With QuickHeat you can easily fine-tune the temperature of each room. Once the foils have been rolled out, simply click them together and connect the last foil to the thermostat kit by placing a cable between the last foil and the thermostat kit. Then set the wireless thermostat to the desired temperature.