Pergo Wood Moisture Protection

Water can react with the finish and leave black or white stripes on the surface. When cleaning, there is always a little dirt left in the pores. Our unique bevel technology prevents moisture absorption thanks to a water repellent coating.


1. When water is in the pores it can react with the finish leaving a black or white stripe on the surface.

2. When cleaning, dirt mixed with water infiltrates the pores: water evaporates but dirt stays in the pores.

3. Water can infiltrate the pores on the short side: mold can grow.

moisture protection to prevent problems


Unique bevel technology on short side with water repellent

• Extra resistant to liquids

• No infiltration of dirt and water in the joints


solution to moisture problems


Real life set-up and real life cleaning

• Samples with short end joints

• Wet mopping with dirty water of Pergo and 10 competitors

• Duration: 4 weeks – 2x/day


mop test for moisture protection


1. The surface of a wooden plank is closed by the protective layers of lacquer or oil hence water cannot infiltrate.

2. The strength of the click on the long side holds the boards and water cannot infiltrate the long side joints

3. Innovative bevel technology seals the short side: water cannot infiltrate the short side joints and cause water damage


how does the moisture protection work?